Data Driven
  • Use Slice analytics to find the right influencer - You know your brand better than anyone.  We know influencer marketing better than anyone. With Slice’s industry expertise paired with our in-house analytics tools, we are able to bridge that gap and optimize your marketing campaign to drive higher conversion rates by pairing you with the right influencer!

  • Guidance for FTC Compliance 

  • Contractual arrangements with the influencers to insure proper postings

  • Data Driven – Slice Media uses industry expertise and data driven methodology to drive meaningful impression to YOUR TARGET market.  Our focused approach leverages in-house data that  allows us to pair brands with the BEST influencers, resulting in higher customer conversion rates.

  • Drive SEO – The world is a big place, the Internet is even bigger! Strategic Influencer marketing campaigns run through Slice are proven to boost brand visibility and engagement.  Our approach is designed to drive traffic to your site, products, and services making it easier for customers to find you! 

  • Measure - Don't guess at how effective your marketing strategy is working. Measure and understand your ROI by leveraging insight from social media experts at Slice.

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