After years of working in multiple areas of the social media industry, it became evident to our founders that issues (and solutions!) existed. Brands had difficulty locating influencers that were safe for their brand. Influencers were waiting ridiculous amounts of time to be paid for their work.The list goes on and on!

Enter, Slice Media!

Born out of need… Given life by progress!

We help drive sales and engagement for brands by leveraging influencer data to connect them with the markets best influencers.


Of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebs.


Of millennials say their favorite creator understand them better than their friends.


Of 13-24 year olds would try a product recommended by a YouTube creator vs. 48% for a movie or TV star.

Sources: Deloitte, 'Navigating the Digital Divide'; Ipsos Connect/Google, 'The YouTube Generation Study'; Hunter Qualitative Research/Defy Media; all 2015

What We Do

  • We use data to connect brands and agencies with influencers
  • We drive client and prospective client engagement
  • We boost SEO and drive website traffic
  • Marketing advice from top industry experts
  • We help create personalize campaigns for your target market


  • Brands gain engagement and sales
  • Creators get paid to promote the products they choose to work with
  • Everyone wins!