1The brand pays the influencer to promote their product.


2The influencer promotes their product on their social media platforms.


3The brand gains sales and exposure to a larger target audience.

How does Influencer Marketing differ from Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing refers to any form of marketing a brand or product on social media. This may be on a brand’s own social channels, on a customer’s channels, an influencer’s channels or through paid ads on social networks. Influencer marketing is just a specific form of social media marketing where a brand utilizes an influencer to promote their product or brand.

How effective is Influencer marketing and who uses it?

Small brands, big brands, global brands and local brands are utilizing influencer marketing and there is no surprise why. Industry marketers have learned that Influencer marketing has become the most effective form of marketing! A recent study has shown that, on average, influencer marketing produces an ROI that is 11x higher than that of traditional marketing! (Sales Effect Study: Influencer Marketing, Nielsen Catalina Solutions, Case Study)

How does Influencer Marketing Work?

Here at Slice Media, we listen to you, the brand, to see what goals and outcomes you are looking for. We then work together with you to set up an influencer marketing campaign that will accomplish your goals. We work with influencers on most platforms, and with just about any size following. We can find the influencers that have your target market already tuned in and engaged. We ensure all compliance issues are met all administrative tasks are handled for you. Get Started